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We love the feedback we get!

"It's probably the best investment that we have ever made for our daughters future. When we picked her up after her week, the difference in her attitude was a game changer, she was animated, confident, happy …We would thoroughly recommend this course to every parent, such a game changer for your children and worth every single penny."

“The learning journey you take these kids on is absolutely invaluable. You guys Rock!!!”

“Your course is life changing!”

“I'm astonished. What your course has done for him is amazing.”

“I had the most amazing week of my life.”

“Every teen should be doing this course.”

“Well done for the fantastic job you do with the kids. We were very impressed and she can’t wait until she is old enough to do the teens course.”

“Our teen attended recently and gained a profound amount of knowledge, skills, friendships and sense of belonging by attending the camp and he will use these skills everywhere he goes. The energy and great atmosphere the leaders and organisers provide is outstanding”
(Rachelle & Julie)

More from the teens who have graduated

“What I had learned from this one week course have given me a new direction and perspective towards life.” - Mikey

  “I Initially didn’t want to go on Discovery because I thought it was going to be a type of boot camp for teens. Boy was I wrong, I told my Mum and Dad when I got home that “It Was The Best Week Of My Life”- Peter

“The course taught me how to get along better with my family and taught me the value of respect. Since I’ve been home I feel things have improved within my family with less conflict. I am also working to change my attitude toward school and my teachers.” - Sam

“I had the most amazing and life changing experiences at camp” - Morgan

“Truly one of the best weeks of my life, having learnt things they don’t teach at school and doing things I never would have dreamed I would do” - Ethan

  “The course has completely changed my outlook on life and has made a massive impact on others around me as well ” - Rebecca

“I feel more positive about myself and that they have proved to me that if it’s possible for the world to accomplish, then it’s possible for me.” - Eric

“Discovery gave me the opportunity to learn some new skills. I can now get up and speak confidently in front of others, and I learned how to support others in my team. Discovery also challenged me to give everything a go and when you do, to give it 100%.” - Michelle

“What I had learned from this one week course have given me a new direction and perspective towards life.” - Mikey

“I met lots of new people who made me feel welcome and made me feel part of what was going on. I made some really good friends who I am keeping in contact with by text and facebook. The Team Leaders and staff were amazing and really supportive and were always there to help us.” - Amy

“I am now an Industrial Design major at Victoria University in Wellington; I'm getting pretty good grades (somewhere around an A- average) and am living a happy life. Discovery taught me so much about life, about the people that I interact with and about the things that I want to achieve. It was kind of like Inception, how the movie opens with De Caprio asking "What is the most resilient parasite? An Idea. A single idea from the human mind can build cities. An idea can transform and rewrite all the rules." That's what Discovery did for me, it rewrote the rules.” - Ben

“Before Discovery I wasn’t getting the support of friends or the knowledge on life.”  - Tom

"Discovery is great. Teens realise their true potential in life [and] helps people... learn they can do anything in life if you set a goal to achieve it. I plan to return to Discovery as a staff member because I feel it changed my life and I want to help other people" - Samuel G. (teen graduate)

"I now want to give everything my 100% and stop wasting my life doing nothing."

"I learnt how to be more positive and give my absolute 100% in everything I do in life, and have more confidence in myself."

"Self-confidence and such a happy outlook on life."

"I can’t be perfect, but I can be and do ‘excellent’ when I set my mind to it and give 100%."

"From being here I can see I am not the only teenager that has difficult things happening in my life, therefore I now see I am not alone."

"The person who was hiding inside me has come out."

"It’s the most amazing life changing experience.  You gain so many life skills and the support from friends was amazing."

"Even though you don’t know anyone, you will make really great friends and love it and won’t want to leave."

"Just do it!  I came here so nervous and I didn’t want to go.  Now I don’t want to leave.  This course changed my life."

More from the parents and caregivers

"(Discovery for Kids) addressed so many things in a wonderfully fun and different way that we as parent s are trying to teach our kids. We can say that the things [our son] learned during those two days have been retained and are still being practised. Two things in particular have changed – taking greater responsibility for his actions and no longer saying “I can’t”.” Steve D. Parent.

"He is a changed teen - rearing to go and oh-so positive!"

"He has a new outlook in life and a desire to do well and enjoy it"

"The confidence and tools she has been given throughout the journey will put her in good stead to move forward into her future."

"Your course is life changing!"

They might not want to go, but they will thank you for sending them! 

"I got a chance to tell my teen that I was proud of them and that I was willing to support them in achieving their goals, rather than telling them all the things they’re not doing!”

“I only left him for 7 days. I could not contain the tears in my eyes when I saw in front of me a confident, young man making eye contact, clear & precise words "no ums & arhhhs." I could not believe it. Not to mention the PDA (public display of affection) - I got a hug from him in front of all these strangers. WOW I was blown away... A week ago this would not have been possible, his new found confidence” - Moana (Parent)

"Our 15 year daughter has always been someone who participated in everything from sports to school, so we didn't expect too much.  But we were immediately impressed by her increased confidence, and it hasn't stopped there.  She has made tough friend choices over the last year and nailed Year 11 school - having set and exceeded her goals (new concept since Discovery).  She has planned her classes from NCEA to Uni, had a holiday job, plans and does homework, is more social than ever and has more friends.  For us Discovery took a while to show through but now I see it was the best investment we ever made in our daughter's future" - Jo (Parent)

"This truly is the most remarkable and worthwhile programme in New Zealand. We know from experience how vital this course is and we experienced first-hand the outpouring of emotions on parents day as teens relayed their heartfelt sorrows and pledges to do so much better with their lives. What this course achieves with teens is unbelievable.”

"Our son has transformed into a young man who is so much happier with who he is and a lot more confident in himself. He is a lot more motivated, a lot more respectful to us (his parents), and has learnt not to take us for granted. He also learnt study skills including speed-reading, which has been a huge help at school. This is a life skills course that would benefit any teen and the bonus is they all enjoy it. As our son said "It's one of the best weeks of my life"

"Our daughter's confidence, maturity and self-esteem has increased and this has helped significantly in [all] our lives. She has a new lease on life, creating less stress for us all. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone wishing to give their children direction in their lives " - Brett F. (Christchurch)

"Discovery has helped [him] mature greatly. He is now taking responsibility for his behaviour and to 'own' what he says and does. For me Parent Day was very valuable as I got to know my son again - we certainly laid the foundations of a better relationship" - Deb W. (Dunedin)

"The entire Discovery experience has impacted upon all aspects of our lives in profoundly positive ways. All teenagers and their families would benefit from this powerful programme" - Helen L. (Arrowtown)

"Barnardos foster care would like to thank your team and your sponsor’s for enabling our young person to attend your recent Discovery teen camp. This camp has had a huge positive impact on our young person and on her foster care placement. We applied as J was a young girl who greatly struggles with self-esteem, confidence and maintaining peer friendships. J has moved a lot in her life time which has contributed to a lack of peer relationships and low self-belief. J’s foster parents stated that on return from camp J has had a new lease of life and spoke for a full week about all of the positive experiences she had had and the friendships she made at camp. J and her foster parent’s have maintained contact with some other teens and their parents from the camp and we are hoping that J can build on some of the friendships she made there. As her social worker I have also been very impressed with how positive the experience was for J. She has told me that she now has goals of becoming a youth leader in the future. I believe the camp was amazing in making J feel good about herself, encouraging her to be confident and proud of herself and opened doors for her regarding positive peer relationships. This has lessened her isolation and barriers that unfortunately are around for many of our young people in care." - Donna

Team Leader feedback

“I have been to Discovery For Teens as an adult volunteer staff 5 times (2 times as ‘extraordinary staff’ and 3 times as core staff) from 1994-1998. My daughter was just 4 ½ years old when I went for the first time, and I always liked to tell everyone that she was my ‘teen under construction’. She is now an amazing woman of 24, and as it turned out, my participation in Discovery gave me amazing tools to be a better parent!”

Feedback from schools

“Over the past two years your programme has made such a huge impact on the lives of two of our beautiful students.” Priscilla - Inglewood High School

“She was so excited on the Monday after.  She came to see me several times over the week and said it was so great.  She also showed me her booklet which she has been continuing to work in too.  She has been sharing what she did with her class teacher and friends.  It was a fantastic boost for her confidence in general but also how she sees herself as a learner. “ Te Atatu SENCO


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