Discovery for Kids

Give your Year 7 or 8 kids a kick start to their teenage years!

Do you want give your Year 7 & 8 kids an amazing foundation of life skills on a course they will remember forever?

Discovery for Kids are exciting courses for New Zealand's younger people. Specially trained Discovery facilitators and volunteer staff provide a positive, high-energy, family-based programme that provides excitement, challenges and fun for all participants.

This programme creates an opportunity for children to explore their untapped potential. The use of colour, music, games and activities stimulates learning in a supportive, positive environment. Parents attend two sessions, receiving an overview of the programme and exploring topics such as support, communication, choice and responsibility. 

The standard cost for DFK is $195.00 and includes all activities, workbook and lunch. 
The scholarship rate is $40.00 for eligible families.

No 2020 Dates Available

“(Discovery for Kids) addressed so many things in a wonderfully fun and different way that we as parents are trying to teach our kids. We can say that the things [our son] learned during those two days have been retained and are still being practiced. Two things in particular have changed – taking greater responsibility for his actions and no longer saying “I can’t”.” 


Frequently asked questions

What will your child learn with Discovery for Kids?

We cover so much in a way that is fun, empowering & memorable for your child including self esteem, confidence, relationship skills, communication skills, focus, respect for self and others, learning styles, mind mapping, tools for success and math foundations.

Who is Discovery for Kids for?

Discovery for Kids is a programme that gives tools to children in years 7 & 8 (intermediate school). Discovery is designed to accelerate people from average to high achieving in whatever area of life they are focusing on. Discovery for Kids is an ideal feeder program into Discovery for Teens, with many participants going on to enjoy the 7-day camp when they can.

Can parents get involved?

Of course! Parents attend two sessions in the Discovery for Kids weekend course. You’ll receive an overview of the programme and explore beneficial topics such as support, communication, choice and responsibility.

Discovery courses are also ideal for companies to run ‘in house’ or as a private programme to support staff and their children in a practical and socially responsible way.

To find out more about company sponsored opportunities, please enquire HERE.

Make this work for the young person in your life!


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