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Workshops that get results, inspire positive action and support the great work you are doing in your classes and counselling offices

Are you looking for something that will motivate students and get them on the right track?

You know they’ve got bucket loads of potential, but do they know it?

How do you get their attention and help them see things with fresh eyes?

Discovery for High Schools or Private Groups

Discovery for Teens has been running in New Zealand for over 25 years, now Discovery Foundation are bringing the Discovery success to schools. You can pick and choose the modules you’d like covered for your students and then we will meet with you and tailor the sessions to meet your needs.

We have four modules available to choose from. Each module is approximately two and a half hours long (or half a school day). You can put together two modules to make a whole day or have two groups go through the same module over the space of a day. Providing you have the space, we can also run two trainings at a time.

Overview of Modules

Study Success  (Academic skills)

In this module students gain an understanding how to personalise their study to achieve higher academic results.  We will investigate organization skills, how to be motivated towards success, forming patterns that enhance memory and give students confidence in their learning ability.

It’s all about me  (Personal self-development)

In a world full of pressure, we take an in-depth look at what creates anxiety amongst young people and give students simple tools to keep their self-esteem intact and growing. We look at how to find ways to build resilience, to be kinder to ourselves and set personal visions that keep students motivated and expand their emotional intelligence.

We’re all connected  (Relationship and communication skills)

In this module students will discover easy to use, practical communication tools. Throughout all stages of our lives, there will be people we need to relate with. Effective relationship skills are about appreciating and understanding people’s differences. In this module, students will explore how people form connections and how our pre-judgement of others may be limiting our circle of friends. 

Leader of the pack  (Leadership skills)

In this module, students will analyse different leadership types, learn and practice dealing with common leadership challenges and set intentions for the type of leader they will be.  Effective leaders know how to lead a wide variety of people. What do you do when you don’t like one of your team members? How do you motivate a team that’s losing? What if you're tasked to lead a challenging team? 

Venue requirements

  • A room large enough to hold all the students, preferably free of desks, and with room to move. Students will sometimes be sat in chairs and sometimes on the floor.
  • As music is used in our workshops, please consider the proximity to other classrooms 
  • Large portable whiteboard and duster or flipchart stand
  • Pens for students (biros or felt pens)
  • Chairs for the number of students
  • 4 trestle style tables
  • Data projector and screen
  • Microphone, if available

Group Size

There is a minimum of 20 and maximum of 60 students per session.  (Larger groups by negotiation, as an additional facilitator would be required).

We require students to be open to the possibility of learning. These programmes are designed to accelerate the top 80-90% of students.


$2000.00 which equates to approximately $33.00 per student (based on 60 students). These prices are for schools in Auckland. Please contact us for a quote for schools out of Auckland.

NB: Prices may alter, please CONTACT US for current pricing and to book your workshop.

Staff Requirements

At least 1 school staff member present at all times.

We all really enjoyed the course. It was well organised, well presented and fun. - Petra (Teacher)

"Over the past two years your programme has made such a huge impact on the lives of two of our beautiful students"
PRISCILLA, Inglewood High School

“He also learnt study skills including speed-reading, which has been a huge help at school.”

“She has told me that she now has goals of becoming a youth leader in the future. I believe the camp was amazing in making J feel good about herself, encouraging her to be confident and proud of herself and opened doors for her regarding positive peer relationships.”

“She has been sharing what she did with her class teacher and friends. It was a fantastic boost for her confidence in general but also how she sees herself as a learner.”


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