Is your life heading the direction you want it to?

Discover the mindset for the life you want to live and make memories and friends to last a lifetime at Discovery For Teens - it's designed for YOU!

As a teenager, it can sometimes be hard to find the support you need. We get it!

 At times you might feel like you’re losing your direction… and maybe even friends. 

If you’re feeling stuck, down, scared about the future or confused, reach out and experience something exciting your future self will thank you for!

Discovery for Teens is 7 DAYS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. It's residential (which means you live-in for the week) where you will join others like you and work together to find the motivation and confidence to be who you are. Discovery for Teens is an inspiring course designed for your benefit - no matter your background.

There are a range of scholarships and funding available to support teens to attend.

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Discover the mindset for the life you want to live and make memories and friends to last a lifetime at Discovery For Teens

It's designed for YOU!

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“Your course is life changing!”

“I feel more positive about
myself and that they have proved to me that if it’s possible for the world to
accomplish, then it’s possible for me.”


“Discovery gave me the opportunity to learn some new skills. I can now get up and speak confidently in front of others, and I learned how to support others in my team. Discovery also challenged me to give everything a go and when you do, to give it 100%.”

“I met lots of new people who made me feel welcome and made me feel part of what was going on. I made some really good friends who I am keeping in contact with by text and Facebook. The Team Leaders and staff were amazing and really supportive and were always there to help us.”

Why choose Discovery? What's in it for me?

Discovery is for EVERYONE. It is a non-religious, non-political, non-gender biased programme that gets results! Discovery grows teens mentally and emotionally with all physical elements team-orientated and starts by asking participants to accept and celebrate WHO THEY ARE and use this to find their FORWARD LOOKING strengths.

Discovery is for YOU!

Can Discovery really change things for me..?

• 94% of Discovery graduates increase in self-confidence and courage
• 96% of graduates report an increase in their self-motivation
• 99% record a dramatic lift in speed reading and comprehension
• 93% report having more self-discipline and commitment

With a staff/teen ratio of 1:4 you will have the support you need to learn tools for now and the future

Why wait? Your future starts NOW


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