I now want to give everything my 100% and stop wasting my life doing nothing.

I learnt how to be more positive and give my absolute 100% in everything I do in life, and have more confidence in myself.

Self-confidence and such a happy outlook on life.

I can’t be perfect, but I can be and do ‘excellent’ when I set my mind to it and give 100%.

From being here I can see I am not the only teenager that has difficult things happening in my life, therefore I now see I am not alone.

The person who was hiding inside me has come out.

It’s the most amazing life changing experience.  You gain so many life skills and the support from friends was amazing.

Even though you don’t know anyone, you will make really great friends and love it and won’t want to leave.

Just do it!  I came here so nervous and I didn’t want to go.  Now I don’t want to leave.  This course changed my life.


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