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Discovery for Kids

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Discovery for Teens

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Have a read of what teens who have graduated say about Discovery!

We all know a young person who deserves to DISCOVER their potential!

Is your teen struggling with school, friends or motivation?

Would you like them to be more confident in themselves?

Do you find it difficult to communicate with your teen?

Have you noticed they lack the confidence needed to enjoy school or commit to new activities?

We all know how hard it is to feel confident and motivated when going through tough life phases, especially those teenage years. It can be daunting and may lead to young people shutting out the people they need most.

Sometimes a new perspective on life can be just what your teen needs

Discovery for Kids

Discovery is a LIFE-CHANGING personal development programme

"(Discovery is) probably the best investment that we have ever made for our daughter's future. When we picked her up after her week, the difference in her attitude was a game changer, she was animated, confident, happy …We would thoroughly recommend this course to every parent, such a game changer for your children and worth every single penny."


"I now want to give everything my 100% and stop wasting my life doing nothing."

"I learnt how to be more positive and give my absolute 100% in everything I do in life, and have more confidence in myself."

"I can’t be perfect, but I can be and do ‘excellent’ when I set my mind to it and give 100%."

Why go to Discovery?

99% of parents surveyed say their teen's overall attitude towards life lifted following Discovery

“What I had learned from this one week course have given me a new direction and perspective towards life.”

“The course has completely changed my outlook on life and has made a massive impact on others around me as well ”

“I had the most amazing and life changing experiences at camp”

“Truly one of the best weeks of my life, having learnt things they don’t teach at school and doing things I never would have dreamed I would do”

How much does it cost?

Discovery has three levels of scholarships.  The majority of scholarships are partial scholarships.  

Local Clubs may also support young people to attend our programmes.  We are happy to provide supporting documentation for your application.

Early bird rates also apply for bookings and deposits paid in advance.  

The rate for deposits paid by 31st January is $1700.00 (without scholarship)
The standard rate is $1800.00 from 1st Feb to 31st March (without scholarship)
Late registration from 1st April  $1950.00 (without scholarship)

Click here to apply for a scholarship.  The scholarship form also includes the registration.

What is Discovery for Teens?

Discovery is no ordinary experience! Teens connect with other teens for a week and make exceptional bonds, do extraordinary things, learn (and retain) tools to help them face challenges - at school, tomorrow or in their lifetime.

Who are we?

The Discovery Foundation has been providing young New Zealanders skills, tools and strategies to get the best out of life since we first started in 1990. We welcome Kiwi’s from all walks of life and are proud to be unbiased in every way possible.

What happens at Discovery?

Discovery encourages activity-based experiences and interactions, from engaging team building exercises to refining academic study skills (Memory, Speed Reading, Learning Styles). We also hold informative parent/caregiver workshops to help you support your child in the long run. 

Discovery’s programmes are delivered with a focus on life changing learning, friendships and fun!

Help us continue this life changing work!

Sponsor a teen's registration, volunteer, become a team leader or DONATE!

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Programmes for TEENS, KIDS and SCHOOLS

The Discovery Office

The Discovery Office is open from 9am - 2:30pm Monday to Friday

Postal: PO Box 22159, Otahuhu, Auckland, 1640
Physical: Level 1, 12-16 High Street, Otahuhu,  Auckland 
Ph. 09 376 8267


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